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It's simply about balance!


When many Chamoru's first see iSao7, they may relate it to the seven deadly sins which is Not right. iSao7 has a deeper meaning than meets the eye. iSao means to sin in the Chamoru language and is the reason why the "S" is emphasized in the word iSao. The 7 is symbolic to the seven virtues and counter balances the negative connotation of the word iSao. It is an oxymoron and a symbol of balance.

Where ever there is a north; there is a south. There is a right; there is a wrong. There is positive; there is a negative. The list can keep going on. There is some unknown force that tends to balance things in this universe. This is the root of iSao7. It’s simply about balance, yet balance is not simple. Life is too short. Find your iSao7.